The market of controls and similar specialized systems have been going under many conceptual changes in the industry as well as the market approach world-wide:
  ♦ University of the products and offerings.
           ♦ Systems openness in software. 
           ♦ The plug and play concept.
           ​♦ Inability of the Original Manufacturers, more and more, to compete in the market.
           ​♦ The trend of these companies to operate through System Houses and Partners.
           ​♦ The need of providing bundle of systems no one single supplier can provide.

These changes has led to the situation that a good portion of these systems market worldwide is now totally Managed by third party systems integrators, software houses, and applied systems dealers and not directly by the manufacturers. Basco, founded in 1992, is the first System House that leads the market in Egypt into this new era..