Basco offers complete solutions for the design and implementation of the following requirements:

Motor Control Centers:
The Motor Control Center is an integral part of Basco offering for the following applications: 
•HVAC equipment
•Water treatment Plants
•Swimming Pools and fountains
Fire Fighting Systems
Remote Monitoring Panels (mimic panels) 

 Electric Distribution Boards:
Complete range of electric boards for both:
 Medium Voltage applications
 Low Voltage Applications

The boards are designed and manufactured in accordance with all internationally recognized standards and codes in terms of quality, compatibility. Basco have delivered this service to many projects in Egypt. 
Level Control Panels:
Basco designs and implement a full control scheme to control the level in the most critical level applications, such as:
 Water Distribution systems
 Waste Water Systems
 Fuel (solar) and Alcohol Systems

The level control panels are also provided with the required field devices to complement the panel application.
Power Factor Correction:
Among its portfolio of offering to the electric and control solutions Basco offers the power Factor Correction solution that supports its customer in rationalizing energy usage and addressing the ever increasing energy costs.
 Automatic Transfer  (ATS):
ATS is a mission critical installation in many commercial buildings. The Motor Control Center is an integral part of Basco offering for the following applications:

 HVAC equipment
 Water treatment Plants
 Swimming Pools and fountains 

Basco is sourcing enclosures, components, accessories and associated materials from a world-wide reputable companies acceptable in the local market such as:

 Schneider Official Partener
  And Many others 

As per Basco’s philosophy, we freely choose the products and components that best suit the application and the customer requirements and not following a specific suppliers policy.